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As a group, we are working to prove life after life and to establish an ongoing stream of communication between those on both sides of this "life".  It is our hope, through technology and investigations, we will be able to offer evidence illustrating the existence of life beyond the current physical, using both scientific instruments and "sensitives". 

We will focus on other paranormal activity as well.  While this may seem like an almost impossible undertaking, our intent is to primarily focus on Ghost/Spirit/Energy Activity. 

Through education, we hope to encourage people to follow their own path in discovering what this all means.  We work towards the development of an open mind to better understand those things we now think of as paranormal.  A questioning attitude towards spiritual awareness is also encouraged.

If you are looking for information regarding a subject not covered, please take a moment and e-mail us.  We will either answer your questions, if we can, or find information to head you in the proper direction.

If you need help with any unusual or paranormal activity in your area, we are available for discreet consultations.


Tools of the Trade

As investigators, we have the availability of so much new technology now, as well as "old fashioned" low level technology.  This enables us to delve more thoroughly into realms we have never seen or heard before and document what we are investigating.  Every well provisioned Paranormal Investigator will have some or all of the following equipment...

A must see for any investigator is the movie, What the Bleep Do We Know, available on the net.  It can help you open your mind to possibilities you have never before imagined.

Reading Resources

Perhaps the best place to start is at the beginning.  The following books and authors can help you begin to understand how to investigate properly.  Also, books to show us what science is doing right now to understand exactly what is going on regarding life after this one.

How to Hunt Ghosts: A Practical Guide by   Joshua P. Warren   In my opinion, the best of the "How To" Guides.  Most of what you would encounter with paranormal investigating is covered here, as well as an explanation of all of the tools used on an investigation.

The Afterlife Experiments by Dr. Gary E. Schwartz, Ph. D. This book deals with the scientific experiments to find life after death. Anything else by Dr. Schwartz will help answer the many questions you will find you have.

Ghost Hunting: How to Investigate the Paranormal and  Paranormal Casebook: Ghost Hunting in the New Millennium  by Loyd Auerbach, a World Renowned Parapsychologist  His books offer some good information, as well as real life stories to enjoy.

If I were new to the field and had cost in mind, it would be best to choose a good recorder and next, a good camera.  Later other items can be added one at a time.

EMF Meter  A meter used to determine the electric and/or magnetic fields in an area.  It is believed by many that spirit/paranormal activity can be detected by a change in the Electro-Magnetic Field, measured on one of these meters.

Recorder  Either an analog tape recorder or a digital recorder will work equally well.  If you are using a recorder with a tape, it is best to use an external microphone.  This will keep you from having to deal with the sound of the tape as it records.

Camcorder  A camcorder can be a very powerful tool.  You can capture both audio and video by just using one tool.  "Nightshot" is a desirable mode to have on your camcorder, with it you will be able to capture images in near total darkness. 

Camera  Any 35 mm camera is handy to have on an investigation.  I prefer the digital cameras as the cost to develop pictures can be very expensive. As the quality of the pictures has become much better, the digital camera is becoming a workhorse for a lot of investigators.  It is good if the camera has a night/moonlight mode for better pictures at night.

Digital Thermometer  Can be used to measure the temperature and any changes in the temperature within the area around the investigator.

Dowsing Rods  An old fashioned way to find almost anything.  In the case of a paranormal investigation, just look for energy.  When you find a spot where the rods indicate "energy", take a photograph or try to record "EVP".  You may surprise yourself.

Research  It is wise to never go on property of any kind without permission being granted first.  The best way to find the owner of a structure or land is to go to the County Clerk's Office.  They will be able to help you research the deed and find the owner.  If for some reason you strike out there, try the county tax assessor's office.  They have a record of all the property owners paying taxes in the county.

You may want to check the local newspaper's morgue for back issues containing information on your subject property.

Don't overlook the neighbors and past residents, they sometimes have great anecdotal information.  It can lead you to investigate in areas you had not thought of before.


Good Luck from Gadzooks, Ghosts!

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